The Brain Electrophysiology Laboratory Company (BEL) is led by the scientific team that created Geodesic tessellation for electrodes (Tucker, 1993).  BEL has developed new ways to expand the boundaries of EEG technology to improve accuracy, efficiency, and reproducibility.   

BEL announces a new complete solution for human neurophysiology researchers: The BEL EEG System One with the Geodesic Head Web.  With this comes the powerful database and workflow management software, FLOW.  BEL’s browser-based, FLOW software, provides experiment workflow, file management, and access to open-source tools as well as collaborations among labs for efficient data analysis and workflow management.   

The BEL EEG System One sets the new standard for human neurophysiology research as a Geodesic EEG Ecosystem of devices, tools, and workflow management to facilitate collaborative research and speed to publication. 

The BEL EEG System One crowns a lifetime of innovation and service to the needs of the neuroscience community through product development and continuous advances in neuroscience. It’s not just another Geodesic EEG System. It’s a Geodesic EEG Ecosystem! BEL offers complete EEG systems, software and tools for open-source collaboration. All BEL products are developed under BEL’s Quality System, meeting regulatory standards to assure the highest standards for safety and accuracy

SOURCERER is a fast, intuitive EEG source localization software that quickly localizes EEG activity using standard and new inverse methods.  Designed with state-of-the-art software architecture that speeds computation, SOURCERER also features Frequency Localization.  Move from scalp space to source space, or start with a specific dipole and see the forward projection of the EEG at the scalp.

BEL’s Geodesic Head Web is an EEG sensor array in a new geometric design, the Modular Pentagonal Element, that minimizes the stretch required to fit the head. This offers improved fit to diverse head shapes and a tougher elastomer material for added durability, while maintaining ease and comfort. It also offers an improved workflow with no drying time between disinfection and use.